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Growing up with a jeweler for a father, I was always surrounded by beautiful gems and semi-precious stones.

As far back as I can remember, jewellery seemed incredibly fascinating. I saw my father create beautiful jewellery and witnessed his creative expertise: crafting raw materials into finished pieces that would be worn and treasured by women. My first pieces were made from iris thread and plasticine, I pushed pearls inside them and gifted them to all my classmates and friends.

I have always seen wearing jewellery as something very beautiful and feminine.

Jewellery is often misunderstood. It shouldn’t be worn to outshine others, or just to prove you can afford to be pretty and glamorous. It should instead be worn as a symbol of that effortless daintiness every woman has. Every accessory you put on is like a mirror of your true self, whether it is a bright reminder of how powerful and edgy your everyday expression is, or a pure reflection of your breezy gentleness. It is not easy to express yourself, especially when the rush of routine sweeps away the chance to keep self-representation as one of your priorities.

The beauty of Soulstones jewelry is that every creation matches and enhances a different area of your personality.


Accessories are a very important detail of style. Whether as a tasteful addition to office wear, a complement to an elegant evening gown or a chic addition to your everyday casual look, accessories have great power to complete an outfit and elevate your style to the next level.

You won’t find any two pieces of my jewellery the same, because each one is made with different detail. Even the slightest variation makes the piece unrepeatable, that’s what makes Soulstones accessories so easy to combine with every part of your style and character.


My source of inspiration is Italy; all its colours, fashion, nature and history… The bouquet of art, buoyancy and vivid everyday life Italy holds is the very embodiment of sophistication and grace. When thinking of Italy, I imagine the rich culture of the land. It holds just the right amount of abundance and delicacy.

In the depths of grey days, weeks and months, flowing by so fast, it is easy to turn grey, empty and colourless yourself. But a little sparkly reminder from Soulstones natural stones will revive not only your looks, but also your inner self.

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