Sicilian Ceramic Earrings - Pomegranate - Soulstones

Sicilian Ceramic Earrings – Pomegranate

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Gold-plated clasp


1. The origin of the shimmering pearl is organic, it is formed in pearl oysters. The entry of a foreign body into the mussel irritates the cavity of its mantle and the animal releases calcium carbonate as well as its own secretions. The combination of these two components forms a pearl layer. It takes several years for a pearl to form inside the shell.

2. There are both freshwater pearls, mainly grown in China, and saltwater pearls, which are grown in the Gulf and Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, as well as in Japan, Fiji, Tahiti and Indonesia.

3. “Cultivated” is the key word because most pearls are grown today. This means that a ball is placed in the mollusk to stimulate the secretion of pearls. Cultivated pearls are spherical, while natural pearls are more irregular in shape and very rare.

4. The only way to find out if the pearls are natural is to scan them with X-rays – the artificial pearl will have a bead under the pearl layer.

5. In healing, pearls have a gentle energy, which symbolizes the Moon and its effect on the body’s internal cycles.



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